Visi Misi


It critically engages into development and climate change policy debates and discourses to ensure the protection and promotion of women’s human rights and the rights of affected peoples; and to support actions of grassroots women for gender, social and ecological justice.


We witness development policies, financing and practices that are misused to serve the interests of capitalistic elites in our country, and hence, led to the negligence and denial of women’s human rights and the rights of other marginalized groups in the societies, of their living environment, livelihood and natural resources. Therefore, we critically engage in the development policy debates and discourse, bring up voices of marginalized women and other groups into the policy interventions to the political and economic decision makers at national and international level. Those activities are to ensure protection and promotion of women human rights; and to support movements of grassroots women’s actions for gender, social and ecological justice. It is because we believe that justice and substantive equality would be achieved only when the grassroots women are empowered to question, monitor and challenge the patriarchal mindset of capitalism.